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Aug 22

   Cam Henderson's - Angel Without Wings                                                                      CD OUT NOW !

     Track Listing

     1. Angel Without Wings                                                                  7. Wounded Heart
     2. These Two Strangers                                                                8. Time To Say Goodbye
     3. Three Beautiful People                                                              9. Look Up
     4. Some Say They Will(duet with Taylor Henderson)             10. Lonely People
     5. If Your Love                                                                                 11. Bridey's Song                     Buy Angel Without Wings Now
     6. Do The Time

     Barcode.  9319775215726      Release Date.    01/10/2010


Some Upcoming Events: - 19th October: Singing at 'Four Points by Sheraton', Geelong. - (Was meant to be going to Townsville to perform, but the event was called off, due to flooding.) - 28th October: Private Event at the Crown, Melbourne. - 12 November: Helping out with the telethon to raise money for homeless, abused and less fortunate kids. - 6th December- (I'm a bit of a golf fanatic, so I'm very excited about this one) - I'm performing at the AUS vs NZ Skins Challenge, Golfing Event. John Daly will be there.

Posted: By Cam

Phot Shot and More

I had a photo shoot today in torquay at a job that I'm building. It's to show the 2 sides of my life, the building side that has always been, and the performer in me that is becoming. Ive heard my my album is still moving up on the aria charts! Next for me and Tay is Sydney. Were going to a golfing event- (I love golf by the way). Were performing there and we get to play too. Shannon Noll is playing too, pretty cool.

Posted: 2010-11-22


On Saturday (20.11.10) The fam, taylor and I flew to Tasmania to sing for the appin hall foundation to raise money for under privileged children along with Ronnie burns and Normie Rowe. Special thanks to Sylvia for helping us with everything and all her hard work to organize the event. It was so sad to hear all the stories of what has happened to these poor little kiddies. But we lifted the mood with our songs because we wanted it to be a happy event in the fact that we were raising money so these kids could have better lives and better futures. We stayed in Launceston, Tasmania for 4 days. I think the family deserved a few days break.

Posted: 2010-11-20

More Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, Tay and I had the honor of being the support act for Kasey Chambers when she came to Geelong for her "little bird tour". Great crowd! They all seemed to love our stuff. I did a few of mine from my album and a couple of covers and then taylor came out and joined me for a couple too. Such a buzz. I'm getting more confident as I perform more often, although still a bit nervous

Posted: 2010-11-01

Winchelsea festiva

Last week taylor and I performed at the Winchelsea festival. The gig and the whole set up there was great. "Winch" is where my wife grew up, so the whole family besides my eldest daughter who was in america came along to check it out. It actually rained so not as many people turned up as we hoped but still a lot of people none the less, and we sold heaps of albums so I did a lot of signings which was fantastic. Straight from the Winch gig, we raced to Ceres Primary School where I used to attend as a little tacker. Bridey and Taylor used to go there too and my youngest daughter Gemma still attends. It stopped raining by this time so it was great. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and again we sold a heap of albums. My mum and Dad came and checked it out too. I won't lie, I did get a little emotional singing the song I wrote about them and my family growing up "these two strangers" with them there. I find that song always gets me and it's difficult to sing because it has such personal meaning. I have had so much good feed back on my album from people and from what I've heard, everyone seems to have a connection with at least one of my songs and it speaks to them in different ways or they can relate the lyrics to particular times in their life. Thats awesome to know that people are getting so much out of my songs.

Posted: 2010-11-01

19th October 2010

Just found out that my album was 45 on the Aria Charts and has now gone to number 33! Very excited about that but hoping to move up even more!

Posted: 19/10/2010

19th October 2010

Special thanks to 93.9 Bay fm who interviewed my oldest daughter, Bridey and allowed her to talk up my album a bit :) - I hear they also did a bit of a special promo for someone to call up and win a signed album.

Posted: 19/10/2010

18th October 2010

Last week I went to Melbourne to 'U Sessions' and performed 3 of my songs to go on their website: http://www.undercover.fm/videos/205 The three songs included 'Angel Without Wings', 'Three Beautiful People' and 'Do the Time'. I didn't have much time as I had to go straight from there to Geelong to perform at Westfield so I only did one take of each song. I think it turned out alright though. At Westfield I performed a few songs off my album and talked a bit about them and there was a pretty good turn up of people including family and friends as it's my home town. Afterward, I did a bit of a signing session. Thanks to Sanity who sat patiently with me selling my albums for me to sign for people, and thanks to Music Workshop for their equipment.

Posted: 18/10/2010

16th October 2010

On Saturday night, 16th October, my family, daughter's boyfriend and I went to the Williamstown town hall to see Stan Walker perform. Man! He's unbelievable! His voice is unreal and he was so funny. He's completely himself and busted out a couple of gospel songs too. Best concert. Huge thanks to Gordon, the events manager of 'Marae Melbourne' who allowed us backstage to meet the man himself. Stan's such a great bloke, and everyone was so kind to us. Looking forward to doing the telethon with Stan in Perth (12th November). Taylor and I had quite a few people recognize us at the concert too which was pretty flattering. The maurie people were awesome and seemed to have some connection with my songs and music. Great bunch of people.

Posted: 16/10/2010
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