Aug 22

   Cam Henderson's - Angel Without Wings                                                                      CD OUT NOW !

     Track Listing

     1. Angel Without Wings                                                                  7. Wounded Heart
     2. These Two Strangers                                                                8. Time To Say Goodbye
     3. Three Beautiful People                                                              9. Look Up
     4. Some Say They Will(duet with Taylor Henderson)             10. Lonely People
     5. If Your Love                                                                                 11. Bridey's Song                     Buy Angel Without Wings Now
     6. Do The Time

     Barcode.  9319775215726      Release Date.    01/10/2010

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In The Studio

It was definitely nice recording in Cairns and escaping the cold weather in Geelong. Recording an album can be quite exhausting. As we only had a short amount of time, we had to put in long hours, but I think the album has turned out great.

In the studio we use what they call ‘cans’ which are the big ear phones. That took some time getting used to but I think I’ve nearly got it. It’s just such a buzz working with professional musicians who are singing and playing my songs, most of which I wrote years ago.

Aussie Talent

Cameron Henderson is set to sign a lucrative deal after achieving stardom in the Channel 7 TV series Australia's Got Talent.

Cameron said his success only dawned on him yesterday afternoon when he thought about singing the national anthem in front of 100,000 people at the MCG.

About Cam

Henderson, a builder, expected to walk away with nothing. "There is a small bit of disappointment but I can honestly say we were just so amazed that we got to the stage we did," he said. Henderson was quick to praise the efforts of his 17-year-old son. "He has just handled himself so well. He was 16 when he started this competition and every time I see him on TV and say that's my boy." Taylor was also overcome with emotion. "I'm very happy for my dad, I'm over the moon."

Cameron said the chance to sing on the hallowed turf of the MCG on that day in September would be nerve-racking. "I get terrified just singing here ... so that's going to be way too scary. I hope I can do an acoustic version, that's all I can say. I'm very uncomfortable without my guitar," he said.

Henderson was last night uncertain of what might come on the back of his success in the prime-time talent show. "It's a matter of waiting to see what comes my way. If there's an opportunity to continue with music I'll be grabbing it with both hands."

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Should Cam Have Won AGT

Anyone who watched this year’s “Australia’s Got Talent” Grand Final will have special memories of the 43 year old builder and singer/songwriter who captured the heart of a nation with his emotional performances and uplifting story.

Having started the competition as a duo with his son Taylor, it was a difficult decision to follow the judge’s advice and split up to be two separate acts in the competition.  It certainly didn’t hurt Cam’s chances as he went on to finish second to winners (and Sony Music artists) Justice Crew.

The amazing response to Cam and his music has lead to his signing with Lifestyle Music (Gene Pierson) and the recording of Cam’s debut album – Angel Without Wings.  The title track is song that drew an amazing response at the AGT Grand Final and is the lead track to radio on 20th September.  There will also be a video for this song.


Cam Plays U - Sessions

I wrote my first song when I was about 18, and have continued to write since. I never thought that my songs or my music would ever lead to anything more than singing at home or at the occasional friends wedding; so when my wife saw the ad for the Australia’s Got Talent auditions and suggested that our son, Taylor and I should try out, it was a bit of a surprise.

When my family and I went up to Melbourne to audition, Taylor and I were waiting in the line and I ended up chickening out a bit and sitting down with my wife and two daughters. My main concern was that I didn’t want to ruin my son’s opportunity, being the old man I am. My family managed to get me up there last minute and off we went to audition. I never thought we’d get past the first round but it paid off I guess. Who would have thought that I’d end up beating my own son! 2nd and 3rd wasn’t too bad at all.